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Find Your Hidden Leads

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Join me for an eye-opening webinar on where most agents are missing their very best (and easiest) business opportunities.

In this training, I will be covering how you can generate "ready to go" leads for your real estate business in less than 24-hours.

We spend countless hours, enormous amounts of money and what seems like all of our emotional energy fighting tooth and nail to get new contacts into our databases.

But what do we do once they leads are in there?

Do you follow-up?

If so, how many times?

Do you reach out manually or just rely on automation to do the job?

I'll show you the secret but to get there, we're going to have to be willing to face the truth about how much business has been lost by not doing what you're about to learn.. sooner.

The sobering reality of how much money has been left on the table can discourage you OR it can inspire and remind you to never allow these leads to slip by ever again.

Grab something to take notes with. Hop into the training and let's make this next hour together the best change you never realized you needed for your business and the dreams you're working so hard to achieve.

James Hoff Real Estate Coach

James Hoff

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